Facts & Research

Why focus on carbon free energy sourcing for PWP electricity?

This is the single most important action that our city can take to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.  The impact of other good climate actions on GHG emissions, like electric vehicles, building electrification, and zero emission public transportation, depends on the source of the electricity.

Is 100% carbon free electricity by 2030 realistic?

Yes. Cities across the nation have already achieved this goal or committed to do so by 2030. Sunnyvale California, which is larger than Pasadena, is already powered by 100% renewable electricity, as are 39 other California cities including Palo Alto, Ventura, Thousand Oaks, Culver City, and South Pasadena. Sacramento, over three times as large as Pasadena, has committed to 100% renewable energy by 2030. Los Angeles has committed to 100% renewable by 2035.

Is 100% carbon free electricity reliable?

Batteries, other storage technologies and recognized reliability strategies can be used on the infrequent occasions when insufficient wind and solar energy is available. Combined with local rooftop solar, these technologies are the best ways to ensure local reliability in case fires, extreme weather or earthquakes constrain transmission from remote sources.

Is 100% clean energy too expensive?

100% Clean Electricity by 2030 is Affordable.

How to get to 100%

Roadmaps to achieving 100% clean energy by 2030

What is the Social Cost of Carbon?

​Burning fossil fuels causes sea levels to rise and negatively impacts human health and agriculture, among other things. These are REAL costs (with associated dollar amounts) that must be factored into the city’s decision making.

Lowering Electricity Bills

Six New Actions to Lower Electricity Bills for Working Families

Resource Adequacy

Will PWP run out of power on a hot day?

Dispatchable Generation

Just how will the lights stay on when the Sun sets?

PWP Operations Without the Hot Air

The power-utility business is full of arcane jargon and assumed technical-knowledge.  This presentation attempts to clarify PWP terms and concepts, as well as understanding PWP’s operational methods and future plans in relation to Pasadena 100‘s 100% clean energy goal.